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Latest in Tag: Khairat El-Shater

Notes from America: The accidental hero

By Ahmed Tharwat In his book “Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era”, Joseph Nye of Harvard University divided American presidents into two groups. One is made up of “transformational” leaders – those with the grandiose goal of using American influence to spread democracy and liberty around the world. The second group contains …

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Breaking up

By: Philip Whitfield Cut and run, or duke it out – Morsi’s dilemma during the interregnum. Feuding inside the Muslim Brotherhood rages. Khairat El-Shater berates Morsi for pussyfooting around the Brothers’ project to control every facet of Egyptian life. El-Shater reportedly craves the top job, goading Morsi to call a snap election. According to Mark …

Daily News Egypt

Raising tyrants in the name of Islam

“In China, they have blocked YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and no one is upset; life is good and everyone is happy. And they say we do not have freedom of speech in Egypt.” These were the enlightened words of Saad Al-Shater on his Facebook page, the son of Khairat El-Shater, vice of Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme …

Sara Abou Bakr

What do we do about those caught between the corrupt and the hopeless?

After viewing the results of Egypt’s last parliamentary elections, we can safely say that they were not only contested by political parties, but also those who advocated for competing attitudes and views about the state of Egypt and its future. We have at times attempted to monitor these attitudes, identifying four major points of conflict …

Farid Zahran