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Latest in Tag: Kia

8 car brands lead price rises in April

The local automotive market witnessed a change in most car prices in April. The price moves included a number of models such as from Opel, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. The price increases ranged between EGP 1,000, such as Chevrolet Aveo and EGP 40,000, like Mercedes C180. In March, the agents of Chevrolet, Hyundai, and …

Ahmed Amer

Historic leaps in car prices one year after flotation

The prices of cars have witnessed aggressive changes since the liberalisation of the exchange rate starting in November 2016. Daily News Egypt detected the changes to car prices in the Egyptian market from before the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) made the decision to float the Egyptian pound last year up until November 2017. The …

Ahmed Amer

Car prices continue climbing in August

July ended, and August began, but the expectations of distributors and dealers in the auto market remained mere inc as no prices have gone down as predicted. Even worse, several companies raised their prices in late July and August by over 8% compared to the beginning of July. Among the companies that raised prices are …

Ahmed Amer

Kia cuts prices of all models except Carens and Carnival

A state of volatility in the prices of Kia models began at the end of March. The company offered a discount of up to EGP 50,000 at the beginning of the month, before raising the prices again at the end of it. Yet, in April, the carmaker decreased the prices of all its models, except …

Ahmed Dawoud

Automotive market fails to control prices of 165 car models in October

A new wave of price increases for 165 car models from different brands continued through in October, registering record highs as a result of price increases that companies have put in place on newly imported shipments and the low supply offered in the market. These price hikes included the German brands Opel and BMW, the …

Ahmed Amer

Low supplies cause car prices to rise in September

Coinciding with September’s deliveries, further price hikes have swept across approximately 137 models from all the well-known brands in the automotive market, registering record highs as a result of the price increases companies have put in place on newly imported shipments and the low supply offered in the market. These price hikes were registered for …

Ahmed Amer

Automotive companies advertise their models, services in the North Coast

While people flock to the coastal cities to take advantage of the summer months, automotive companies are also looking to take advantage of the summer season to promote their cars and after-sales services. Daily News Egypt is taking a look at the direction automotive companies are moving in, including Kia, Toyota, BMW, Renault, and Nissan. …

Ahmed Amer

Sales shrink due to pricing difficulties

Several car dealerships kept their prices unchanged from July to August, despite the turmoil that hit the automotive market when the US dollar exchange rate rose above EGP 13. Other companies chose to temporarily raise their prices. Distributors and traders also raised the prices to counter the increasing cost of imports. Chairperson of El-Saba Automotive …

Ahmed Amer

Hyundai continues to outperform Kia

Hyundai car models occupy the top seven best-selling cars of Korean origin, outperforming Kia, which ranks further down on the list. Hyundai Verna has maintained its position as the best-selling Korean car from January to May, selling 5,938 cars worth a total of EGP 611m. Hyundai Tucson ranked second with 3,466 cars sold, worth EGP …

Daily News Egypt

Car prices continue their journey towards record highs

A new wave of price hikes took place in July for 153 car models from different brands amid anticipation by analysts that the Egyptian pound would be further devaluated by the Central Bank of Egypt. The increase included the German carmakers Opel and BMW, Korea’s Hyundai and Kia, the American Chevrolet, the French brands Renault …

Ahmed Amer

KIA unveils newly designed Cerato

Egyptian International Trading and Agencies (EIT) recently revealed the newly designed 2017 KIA Cerato during its annual sohour. The KIA Cerato belongs to the sedan car family, which is the most sold type of car in Egypt. EIT is the exclusive distributor of KIA Motors in Egypt. After ten years of local success, the Cerato …

Daily News Egypt

Car prices continue to climb in June

The automotive market has witnessed dramatic prices increase in recent months, driven by the shortage of hard currency required for importing and the high exchange rate on the informal market.

Ahmed Amer