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Kremlin considers OPEC+ agreement done deal

“Definitely. Last night 22 countries reached a compromise, and the question was only in Mexico’s position,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, answering the question whether the Kremlin believes the deal would come through. In the early hours on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S.


Too critical for the Kremlin?

Following the dismissal of RBC chief editors, Russia’s critical media threatens to grow even smaller. The media group had a high profile, not least due to its research on the Panama Papers.

Deutsche Welle

Putin’s Real Enemy

By Dr. César Chelala As fear increases in the west about Vladimir Putin’s imperial ambitions, the Russian president has to confront at home his most powerful enemy: vodka. Russians’ love for vodka has a long history in the country. Legend holds that vodka arrived in Moscow in the 14th century, brought by Genovese merchants to Prince Dmitry Ivanovich. …

Daily News Egypt

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