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The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government has condemned the visit of the Turkish foreign minister to Kirkuk

Kurdistan, a small region with big problems

The Iraqi Kurdistan dilemma: President Barzani’s term has ended, “Islamic State” jihadists are at the region’s doorstep; Turkey and the PKK are at war. Simple solutions are not in sight. If the number of migrants in the Autonomous Region Kurdistan in northern Iraq is any measure, the area must be the most attractive province in …

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Turkish attacks expose fissures among Kurdish groups

The conflict between Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has deepened the rift between rival Kurdish groups. If Turkish attacks continue, the Kurds’ fight against the “Islamic State” could be affected. Hamina Hasan sadly packs up to leave the village of Zargali with the rest of her family. She has lost count but says …

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Three Turkish soldiers killed in PKK attack: military

The Turkish military says three soldiers have been killed by militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in an attack in the southeast. The deaths come as Ankara steps up its campaign against the rebels. The three soldiers were killed when PKK militants attacked an army battalion in Turkey’s southeastern province of Sirnak on Thursday, …

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Re-configuring the Middle East: IS and changing demographics

  By James M. Dorsey The Syrian civil war and Iraqi sectarian conflicts involving “Islamic State” (IS) have had far-reaching consequences for the demographics across the region. Once a relatively ethnically homogeneous autonomous region, Iraqi Kurdistan has seen its demography change radically as large numbers of Arab refugees pour into what was once an independent …

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UEFA decision on Gibraltar opens prospects for Kurds

By James M. Dorsey A decision by European football body UEFA granting Gibraltar the right of membership potentially opens the door to Kurdistan to seek association with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in a move that would acknowledge demands for increased autonomy and the possible shifting of national borders in the Middle East as a …

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