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Turkish soccer brawls: the battle for the future of the Kemalist state

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan dresses up his increasing authoritarianism with nationalist and religious overtones, sparking battles over the future of the Kemalist state. Those battles, pitting nationalist and conservative forces against secularists and Kurds, are nowhere more evident than on Turkish soccer pitches. A series of incidents in recent months highlighted the mounting tensions …

James Dorsey

What is Syrian about the Syrian war?

By Hakim Khatib After five years of the Syrian war, we can recognise four conflicting parties on the ground – Al-Assad, ”Islamic State”, rebel groups and the Kurds. Each one of these conflicting parties has regional and international backers, who ironically do not agree with each other about whom they are fighting for or against. …

Daily News Egypt

Erdogan pays tribute to Ankara bombing victims

Turkey’s President Erdogan and his Finnish counterpart have visited the site of the weekend’s twin bombings in Ankara. Three top level security officials in the capital have been sacked for the probe into the incident

Deutsche Welle

Turkish football supports Erdogan’s war against the Kurds

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF), in a demonstration of the inseparable ties between sports and politics, has effectively declared its support for renewed Turkish-Kurdish hostilities designed to enhance the prospects of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party in forthcoming snap elections. With armed Kurdish youth effectively taking control of at least one predominantly Kurdish city …

James Dorsey

Peshmerga, US strikes fail to dislodge ‘Islamic State’

“Islamic State” still dominates parts of northern Iraq a year after forcing thousands of Yazidis to flee. US airstrikes have had little effect, and criticism of Kurdish Peshmerga has grown, Birgit Svensson reports. “We want the good people to hear our prayers and free our country as soon as possible,” said Johanna Boutros Moshe, the …

Deutsche Welle

Re-configuring the Middle East: IS and changing demographics

  By James M. Dorsey The Syrian civil war and Iraqi sectarian conflicts involving “Islamic State” (IS) have had far-reaching consequences for the demographics across the region. Once a relatively ethnically homogeneous autonomous region, Iraqi Kurdistan has seen its demography change radically as large numbers of Arab refugees pour into what was once an independent …

Daily News Egypt

From Syria and Iraq to Iran: Kurdish minorities push for autonomy

By James M. Dorsey More than three years into Syria’s brutal civil war, Syrian Kurds have carved out an entity of their own close to the border with Turkey. Their battle against Islamic State (IS), the jihadist group that has conquered chunks of Syria and Iraq, for Kobani, a stone’s throw from the Syrian-Turkish border, symbolises …

Daily News Egypt