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Providing lands for investors in June/July: head of NECD

During a meeting held by the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, the head of the New Egyptian Countryside Development (NECD), Atter Hannoura, said that the company will provide lands to investors in June or July. He added that the company didn’t achieve a measurable success in providing lands for companies; instead, NECD focused on individual …

Hisham Salah

Industrial sector, investments will rise when Egypt offers preferential treatment to local products: Trade minister

  Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour told the Daily News Egypt in an interview for the Euromoney supplement that the law offering preferential treatment to local products will be referred to the presidency in September for approval. The minister, who also discussed the industrial lands and factory issues, stressed that …

Doaa Farid

Sisi promises to reclaim 4m acres of lands

Al-Sisi’s plan targets offering between 50,000 and 100,000 acres of lands to various Egyptian governorates to help with housing, agriculture and industrial projects, he said. The distribution of these lands would be overseen by the state, he added.

Daily News Egypt

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