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A lot of money and many promises

The current regional meeting of the World Economic Forum in Latin America is focusing on new challenges and how to turn them into opportunities. DW’s Manuela Kasper-Claridge has this report from Medellin.

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Wal-Mart to shutter hundreds of stores

Wal-Mart has said it’s closing hundreds of its store in the US and Latin America, affecting thousands of employees. The word’s largest retail chain is facing increasing competition from smaller rivals.

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‘Hostile Climate’: A pall over Venezuela elections

A dead opposition politician, a nervous government, and an era ending. Venezuela’s forthcoming election could being Chavismo to its conclusion. Mostly, everyone is hoping that the situation remains peaceful. “The murder is a bad omen for December 6,” said Juan Francisco Alonso, a journalist who works for the Venezuelan daily newspaper El Universal. That’s when …

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The deadly price of environmental activism

Since the start of this year in Guatemala, nine activists opposing megaprojects have been killed, a recent report says. Green activists in Latin America and Asia continue to pay for resistance with their lives. Nine activists have been killed since the beginning of 2015 in Guatemala, mainly in indigenous communities opposed to infrastructure and mining …

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