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The State Council’s jurisdiction over parliamentary by-law

A major debate has arisen recently regarding the jurisdiction of the legislative department at the State Council to review the draft laws set to be issued by the parliament, including the parliamentary bylaw which will be issued soon. Supporters of this opinion invoke Article No. 190 in the amended constitution issued in 2014, which regulates …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy

Doctors are considering an act of mass resignation to continue pressure for reform Mohamed Omar

Ministers discuss final details of health insurance bill

Health Minister Ahmed Emad El-Din met with six other ministers on Thursday to discuss the final outline of the medical insurance bill, which aims to provide health insurance coverage to the poorer sections of Egyptian society. During the meeting, the ministers discussed the formation of an ad-hoc committee combining representatives of various ministries to settle …

Daily News Egypt

Tunisia protests corruption amnesty law

Hundreds of Tunisians have poured into Tunis’ streets to protest a controversial law offering amnesty to corrupt businessmen and politicians. The bill was introduced by the president over the summer.

Deutsche Welle

Get angry, but don’t deny the motherland

We are the people. We have a right to object and accept. We are the ones who never settle for any less for their motherland. We waited and waited for the motherland to live with pride. We are most entitled to have every official kneel before us, asking for our satisfaction and acceptance. We will not turn …

Emad El-Sayed

US joins German Ford bribe investigation

A German investigation of bribery at a Russian port now includes US authorities. Employees of automaker Ford and haulier DB Schenker are accused of paying bribes to expedite freight to a St. Petersburg car plant

Deutsche Welle