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Egypt’s exports to Lebanon increase by 65%: Minister of Industry and Trade

Minister of Industry and Trade Tarek Kabil said that Egyptian exports to Lebanon increased by 65% during 2016 compared to 2015, adding that a lot of different fields benefited from the increase. Construction materials manufacturers benefitted most from the hike in exports, as their exports increased by 225% to record EGP 277m. Kabil said in …

Hisham Salah

Part II: Putting one’s ear to the ground: rumblings of mounting discontent

(The following is a transcript of a lecture presented at the Middle East Institute’s conference “The Middle East peace process after the Arab uprisings”.) Israeli Palestinian youth hold a racist Israeli society responsible for their plight but feel a Palestinian society that refuses to acknowledge their plight is equally guilty. Abed recalls a childhood friend …

James Dorsey

Problems threatening Egyptian national security

I am not making a mountain out of a molehill if I said that we are undoubtedly facing a fierce attack on our national and Arab identity, through inciting sectarian and religious conflicts within Arab countries. This is the case witnessed recently in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, which prompted Arab countries to intervene in …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy

Al Qaeda’s Syria branch hands hostages back to Lebanon

Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch, the Nusra Front, has released 16 Lebanese policemen and soldiers as part of a prisoner swap. The return of the body of a Lebanese soldier was also part of the deal. Television footage obtained by the Qatar-based Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera on Tuesday showed the Nusra Front release 16 captives. The …

Deutsche Welle

Lebanon mourns Beirut bombings as IS claims responsibility

The militant group “Islamic State” has said it carried out a twin suicide bombing in Beirut that killed more than 40 and injured 200. The target of the attack was Iran-backed Hezbollah’s stronghold in Lebanon’s capital. The explosions happened just minutes apart in front of the Burj al-Barajneh shopping center, police said Thursday. The Sunni …

Deutsche Welle

Twin blasts in Beirut kill scores of people

Two attackers activated their bomb vests during rush hour in a densely populated quarter of the Lebanese capital, killing dozens of people, officials said. The area is a known stronghold of the Shiite Hezbollah militia. The explosions happened just minutes apart in front of the Burj al-Barajneh shopping center, police said Thursday. At least 37 …

Deutsche Welle

UN: Warnings on Middle East refugee plight unheeded

The UN food agency says funding shortages have forced it to deny food vouchers to 229,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan. Experts say chronic harsh conditions, also in Lebanon and Turkey, are behind the exodus to Europe. The World Food Program said on Saturday donors must do far more to support some 11 million desperate Syrians …

Deutsche Welle

The Middle East: Who says the popular quest for change has been quelled?

A series of recent mass protests in several Arab countries have called into question suggestions that civil wars, brutal crackdowns and military coups and interventions have quelled popular willingness to stand up for rights in the Middle East. The protests, although focussed on specific social and economic demands, fundamentally have the same objectives as popular …

James Dorsey

Syria can only be saved at the peace table

Syrian refugees are so anxious for the brutal civil war to end, one exclaimed: “If God let the war end tomorrow, we would walk barefoot back home.” Nikki Gamer, of Catholic Relief Services, just met Syrians displaced in Lebanon and Jordan. She says: “They want the violence to stop. And they want to return to …

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