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Review: Mango’s Italian restaurant

The outdoor area is a bit wider, with spaces between tables to provide enough privacy and comfort to visitors, with a high green fence to separate the restaurants from the surrounding buildings.

Nada Deyaa’


Moaaz El-Beheiry – Classic menswear with modern edge

  Moaaz El-Beheiry displayed his collection at the Cairo Fashion Festival’s fourth session, with great distinction in his choice of fashionable suits, garnering major media attention. His collection seamlessly transforms the look of a classic suit into its youthful counterpart, free from colour and length restrictions, and he believes a fashion show is the best …

Al-Shaimaa Soliman


In Pictures: The journey of pottery, from clays to pretty products

In several villages in El-Wady El-Gedeed (The New Valley), the main income of the people living there is the industry of pottery.  Producing handmade vases, cooking pots, home accessories and ashtrays is what people spend their time designing and decorating. From the very beginning, when men shape the wet clay into different shapes, the items …

Al-Shaimaa Soliman


In Pictures: Juices hit the streets of Cairo with summer season

With summer just a stone’s throw away, Cairo’s crowded streets sometimes reach unbearable limits. Yet its unique tastes never fail at adding colours of joy for citizens. A simple walk in  Downtown Cairo or nearby places can lead to street vendors standing with large glass-canisters clutched to their chests on one side, and a stand …

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