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Madrid’s diesel ban panics carmakers, shifts pollution problem

To fight air pollution, Madrid is among cities around the world that have vowed to ban diesel vehicles by 2025. This leaves car dealers with lots full of autos no one will buy – what will happen to all the diesel cars?At rush hour, bumper-to-bumper traffic belches out diesel fumes along Madrid’s Gran Vía, a …

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Spain faces electoral mess and real test

Spanish voters have broken the two-party system by welcoming two new groups to Congress following a tight election. But as Martin Delfín reports from Madrid, the fragmented outcome means more uncertainty than before.

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Anger grows in Madrid over Catalonia’s separatists

The rivalry between the Spanish capital and prosperous Catalonia has risen to new heights as secessionist leaders continue on a course for independence. Martin Delfín reports on a capital gripped by the ongoing saga. The urgent drive for Catalan independence by the region’s separatist leaders has set off deep concern – and even a bit …

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