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Prosecutor General overturns case against Mahalla detainees

CAIRO: Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud overturned Monday a case against an Egyptian translator, an Australian journalist and American student, detained on allegations of inciting citizens to participate in a nationwide strike in Mahalla. "After meeting with representatives from Australian and American embassies, Mahmoud decided to drop all the charges against the detainees," member of …


Strike ends in Mahalla factory

By AFP CAIRO: Workers at Egypt’s largest factory ended a strike and went back to work on Sunday, one of the protest leaders said, days after the ruling military warned it would no longer tolerate labor unrest. Faisal Naousha, one of the leaders of the walkout at Misr Spinning and Weaving, said the factory was …


Strikers at giant Mahallah factory push for reforms

By W.G. Dunlop /AFP AL-MAHALLAH AL-KOBRA: With the old regime out of the way after mass protests in which they played a role, strikers at a giant factory in Egypt are now pushing for reforms closer to home and pay rises. A strike organizer said on Friday that workers have held talks on reforms with the …


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