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Dr. H.A. Hellyer

Egypt has to learn the lesson

It’s almost boring. Earlier this week, Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douma and Mohammed Adel, three veteran activists, were each sentenced to three years in jail and fined EGP 50,000. Two thoughts occurred to me: one, if the fine was multiplied by 10,000, then that would be the only way such sentences could possibly have any sort …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

Three years in prison for activists

Maher, Douma and Adel found guilty of ‘rioting, thuggery, using violence against Abdeen Courthouse security personnel, and protesting without MOI’s approval.’

Fady Ashraf

The Brotherhood’s democratic failures

Congratulations everyone, the Muslim Brotherhood is back, this time bigger and better, reaching further and deeper into everything. This absurd statement is unfortunately the overall meaning of the chain of events starting with the Cabinet reshuffle and ending last night with the arrest of Ahmad Maher. First of all, the issue is not one of …

Ziad A. Akl

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