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King of Malaysia, El Attal discuss investment opportunities in Egypt

Chairperson of El Attal Holding, Ahmed El Attal, said the company has contracted with several major Malaysian companies working in the field of real estate development in order to invest in Egypt and to participate in the construction of mega real estate projects, with the aim to benefit from the Malaysian experience in the construction …

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Ramadan in Malaysia

Malaysia is filled with people of many races and several religions, including Muslim Malaysians, and Muslim and non-Muslim Chinese and Indians. These different races and religions all live in peace in Malaysia, and there is a spirit they share during feasts and celebrations, so Malaysia is seen as a multi-ethnic country, with a Muslim majority …

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Malaysia: Ex-PM Najib’s wife questioned by anti-graft office

Rosmah Mansor, the wife Malaysia’s embattled former prime minister, faced questions over her involvement in a multi-billion dollar scandal. Authorities confiscated her jewelry and over 400 luxury handbags last month.Rosmah Mansor, the wife of former Prime Minister Najib Razak gave a statement to anti-graft commissioners on Tuesday over a scandal involving state fund 1Malaysia Development …

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Malaysia Airlines ‘on course’ to break even by 2018

Malaysia Airlines’ outgoing CEO Christoph Müller tells DW that the company is on course to break even by 2018. The aviation firm is stepping up efforts to turn a profit after facing tragedies and record losses. Malaysia Airlines seems to be economically back on track. The company’s departing CEO says the airline could return to …

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Asia-Pacific: Beijing under fire in South China Sea row

China says it will continue to build military and civilian facilities on artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea. Beijing told other countries it has no intention of militarizing the vital trade route. Speaking at the conclusion of a weeklong meeting of Asia-Pacific leaders in Malaysia, Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin insisted that China …

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Malaysia to spend billions on stock market recovery

Malaysia has been rocked by a corruption scandal that has implicated high-ranking officials. But Prime Minister Najib Razak has come up with a new plan to boost confidence in the stock market – and the country. The Malaysian government announced on Monday it will pump billions into a state investment firm to prop up its …

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Possible MH370 plane part arrives in France for testing

A piece of plane debris that washed up on an Indian Ocean island has arrived in France for analysis. Investigators believe the part belongs to flight MH370, which went missing more than a year ago. An Air France flight transporting the piece of wreckage from the French island of Reunion landed at Orly airport in …

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Debris ‘very likely’ from Boeing 777, says Malaysia PM

Malaysia’s prime minister has said on his blog that debris found on Reunion island is “very likely to be from a Boeing 777,” the same model of the missing MH370. Malaysia has sent a team to France to investigate. The Malaysia Airline flight disappeared in March 2014 with 239 people on board. The last primary …

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Mideast consortium agrees $500m National Petroleum Services buy

Reuters – A consortium of Gulf-based investors including Fajr Capital and Arab Petroleum Investment Corp (APICORP) have agreed on a deal to acquire Dubai-based oilfield services firm National Petroleum Services, Fajr said on Tuesday. The transaction, which is expected to close in the second quarter of 2014, is valued “in excess of $500m”, it said …

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Horror films rise from the dead in Malaysia

By Julia Zappei / AFP Haunted highways, an oil-smeared ghoul prowling villages for virgins, vampiress spirits thirsting for blood: Malaysia has an obsession with the supernatural rooted in age-old legends. Now that obsession is being increasingly projected upon the nation’s cinema screens, as horror movies have quickly emerged as a force in a booming domestic film …


US singer Badu saddened by Malaysia concert ban

By AFP American singer Erykah Badu expressed sadness this week at Malaysia’s decision to ban her show after a photo of her with body art including the Arabic word for “Allah” caused anger. Authorities in Muslim-majority Malaysia scrapped the concert Tuesday, a day before it was scheduled to take place in Kuala Lumpur after Badu’s …


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