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Malta, Italy migrant spat leaves German rescue ship in limbo

An NGO rescue ship and a merchant vessel are waiting to disembark more than 300 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta and Italy have refused the Mission Lifeline rescue ship permission to dock.A migrant rescue vessel with more than 200 people aboard remained at sea in the Mediterranean on Sunday, as both Italy and …

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Where are Europe’s best bathing sites?

Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Luxembourg and Malta offer the cleanest bathing waters in Europe, the European Union’s environment watchdog said Tuesday.The findings were based on tests of water quality in more than 21,000 beach, river and lake sites across Europe during 2016, including non-EU members Switzerland and Albania. The top five countries scored “excellent” ratings for …

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Malta: Mini-Manhattan in the Mediterranean

Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers are again flying to Malta. With record numbers of tourists, the economy is booming. That means a huge amount of building on the island. Some people are appalled.Jackhammers, cement mixers and diggers drown out the sound of the sea. Housing blocks and skyscrapers rise into the blue skies. For a …

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