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Latest in Tag: Manal Rostom

Manal Rostom: Nike’s ‘hijab survivor’

Egyptian athlete Manal Rostom made waves in 2015, appearing in a Nike advert wearing a hijab. After running the Berlin Marathon she told DW what inspired her to insist that Nike feature Muslim women in its campaigns.This past weekend, Manal Rostom ran the Berlin Marathon wearing a hijab. Many Muslim girls admire her brassy approach …

Deutsche Welle

2017: a new era for hijabi women in fashion

Walking in mega shopping malls around the Arab world is often a journey among the world’s number one commercial campaigns. From ethnic models to Caucasian women and men that equally fail to relate to Middle Eastern beauty aesthetics, shop windows and flashy ads often display an obvious neglect of many countries and ethnicities. Manal Rostom …

Nayera Yasser

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