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The number of millionaires in Egypt

How many people possess more than $1m in Egypt? According to the Credit Suisse global wealth data report of 2015, Egypt has 23,000 millionaires in comparison to 12,000 in Morocco, 35,000 in Qatar, 60,000 in UAE, 70,000 in Turkey, 85,000 in Israel, 180,000 in India, 350,000 in Spain, 1 million in each of China and …

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Interim President Mansour suggests Egypt could revive privatisation

Reuters – Egypt’s Interim president suggested on Wednesday the biggest Arab nation was open to the idea of resuming privatisation, a move that could help revive confidence in the battered economy after years of turmoil. “There is no selling of the public sector at a cheap price,” President Adly Mansour said in a televised speech, hinting that the …

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