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Latest in Tag: Mecca

The death toll among Egyptian pilgrims rises to 54

Four new deaths occurred on Monday in Saudi Arabia among Egyptian pilgrims raising the death toll to 54, according to the Ministry of Health in a Monday statement. The latest cases, as mentioned in the statement, due to heart and breathing problems that escalated. Head of Egypt’s pilgrims delegation Ahmed Al-Ansary said that death certificates …

Daily News Egypt

Where a crane falls, questions rise

107 are dead and 238 injured in the wake of a major collapse of a giant building crane near the holy site of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the evening hours of 11 September. Initial news reports put the blame on severe weather that swept through the Saudi kingdom, with amateur videos, shot …

Amr Khalifa

The spiritual journey to Mecca

Every year millions of Muslims go on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to visit the cities of Mecca and Medina. The visit to the holy places that lay at the centre of the Muslim faith is a highlight in their spiritual life.

Abdel-Rahman Sherief

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