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Is it really not the time to settle scores?

Properly wielding his legislative mandate for the first time since he has taken office, President Mohamed Morsy divulged his powers and outlawed the temporary detention of Islam Afify, one of his harshest critics. Several media professionals, activists and even ordinary citizens eulogized the positive stride taken by Morsy. For many, the new president is probably …

Daily News Egypt

Review: ‘Offending the President’ should not be an offence

After President Morsy’s decision to release chief editor of Al-Dostour newspaper Islam Afify from temporary detention, almost all opinion writers have criticised the President for not using his so-called powers to abolish all laws relating to ‘offending the President of the republic.’ Despite praising the move to release the editor, many writers have questioned why …

Daily News Egypt

On National Mourning and National Division

By Alia Assam The already divided political sphere in Egypt is being further fragmented, just days after the tragic assault on an Egyptian border checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula, which left 16 officers and conscripts dead, and many more wounded. With this unprecedented situation, Egypt is witnessing for almost the first time a lurking threat …

Daily News Egypt

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