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Egyptian media’s losses

The media lost another battle during the war in Sinai, when everyone raced for information in light of the military’s maintenance of their usual policy at such times. The military was only ready to feed the Egyptian and foreign media false information. The media fell into the trap so easily, without even citing the source …

Emad El-Sayed

Media ethics in post-30 June Egypt

Religious figures, actors and other irrelevant guests are hosted to discuss and analyse matters of political importance on media channels, which neither differ in conduct nor content.

Aya Nader

Minister of Information Abdel Maqsood said he wanted more Muslim Brotherhood candidates to hire for the ministry (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim)

The state of the press through Egypt’s power shifts

The level of freedom of the media in Egypt was brought to headlines locally and internationally in December, when an annual roundup of violations against journalists across the world showed that Egypt is the second country in the world for the number of journalists arrested, and fourth “biggest prison” for journalists in 2014, according to …

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