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Amr, Esraa and the Travolta Predicament

No doubt, current events in Egypt are testing our understanding as well as the practice of the freedom of speech and the concept of liberties at large. Two articles that I have come across in the past 6 months have paid homage to the concept of liberties in two distinct fashions. Last July, Dr. Amr …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

The Bachmann dilemma

When I got into the newsroom Tuesday morning, a heated discussion between my colleagues was ongoing about whether or not to publish Michele Bachmann’s piece (which was sent to us by her office). Most of the young democracy-passionate reporters were vehemently against publishing her, very few were for it, and our Opinion editor was quite …

Rana Allam


There are three schools utilised by the state facing strategic Political Violence, also known as terrorism: 1) The Justice System model, where the police and the judiciary pursue such acts as civilian criminal offenses (the most effective model  and takes place in civilised democratic countries; but to be fair, it usually takes a really long …

Mahmoud Salem

Here to inform…

When the television was invented back in the early 20th century, many people believed that they had finally found an effective method to eradicate ignorance all over the world. Enthusiasts believed that children would learn from their homes, and the public would become better informed about the issues that governed their lives. While most people …

Mahmoud Salem

Polarised, politicised and biased: Covering Egypt

In Egypt’s dire political situation, one of the most important ways to understand the complexities of the situation is the media; supposedly the institution that seeks to find the truth and present it to its audience. However, in Egypt’s case, much of the local media is polarised, politicised and biased, and international media as well does not serve as an alternative for objective reporting due to the many challenges it faces. The Daily News Egypt reviews the positions of local and international media coverage of Egypt’s latest events, and the different narratives that are presented.

Sarah El Masry