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Please stay calm, right-wing politicians are happy now, and thank you, Merkel

On Monday in the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market in Berlin, while families enjoyed the last Sunday before Christmas and the scent of cinnamon, sugar, and cardamom filled the air, a stolen lorry pierced the tranquil environment killing nine people and injuring dozens more. At the time of writing this everything was still uncertain, however social media …

Hala Kindelberger

Sieren’s China: Keeping cool

It was perhaps her most difficult trip to China yet, but Chancellor Merkel was able to smooth over the differences. Despite bones of contention, the bilateral relationship remains pragmatic, says DW’s Frank Sieren.

Deutsche Welle

Opinion: The year of last chances

All EU states should finally join the plan to tackle the migration crisis, says Jean-Claude Juncker. But his recent speech revealed both his frustration and Merkel’s increasing isolation, writes DW’s Max Hofmann.

Deutsche Welle

Arabs’ sexual harassment in Germany and its effect on Merkel’s plans

The sexual harassment incident in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve resulted in massive shock in the European community. About 1,000 immigrants of Arab origins gathered to practice mass harassment, which has become widely commonplace in Arab and Islamic countries. They separated the women in circles, with a detailed plan to isolate them so they could harass …

Hala Kindelberger

Merkel’s reasons for accepting refugees

  There is no doubt that Germany’s stakes went up when it opened the door to become a new welcoming home to more than a million refugees, particularly from Syria. Unlike what many believe, among those refugees there are many who are not Syrian. Merkel opened the door to a million refugees, knowing very well …

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