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Italy, UK, Mexico praise Egypt on repatriation flights

The Egyptian authorities helped in arranging several flights as part of efforts to repatriate foreigners in the country. The flight suspension was enforced at all airports in Egypt, as part of state efforts to control the further spread of the coronavirus.

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In Mexico, ecotourism helps traditional agriculture survive

The people of the Mexican state of Oaxaca earn their living making pulque, a traditional drink made with Agave. But the beverage, considered sacred, is under threat. Ecotourism is part of the solution to save it.Project aim: Save the tradition of making pulque, a drink made from the sap of the agave, reclaim eroded soil …

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Mexico: Lopez Obrador government to consider legalization of drugs

Mexico’s incoming president has granted his interior minister “carte blanche” to consider legalizing drugs. The new Mexican government has promised to respond to record-high violence with a package of judicial reforms.Mexico’s new government is set explore the possibility of legalizing drugs, as part of a policy to tackle the violent crime that grips the nation, …

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Joachim Löw puts faith in Julian Draxler ahead of Mexico clash

The intrigue continues to swirl around the German camp in Vatutinki as the world champions prepare to start their title defense against Mexico in Moscow on Sunday. But one question appears to have been answered.”We’ve not yet finished our considerations,” teased head coach Joachim Löw, in discussion with German public broadcaster ZDF on Saturday. But …

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What Donald Trump said about Mexico

Donald Trump has scheduled a surprise meeting with Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday. Here are six of the most controversial remarks Trump made about the US’ southern neighbor.

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Line messenger app shares soar in IPO

Priced high to begin with, Line shares shot up even further in value in its first day of trading. The chat app’s emojis have made it a hit in Asia, and investors seem confident that it’s success will spread.

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Mexico approves first dengue fever vaccine

Mexico is the first country to give the go ahead for 40,000 people to receive a new vaccine to prevent the deadly disease. Twenty-two thousand people die from dengue fever every year. Mexican health authorities gave French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi approval on Wednesday to sell its breakthrough anti-dengue fever vaccine in the country. Health officials …

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Overseas corporate corruption still a major problem

Cross-border corporate bribery is still a largely unresolved issue, Transparency International has concluded in a fresh report. Germany, it said, was among only few nations actively combating corruption. Transparency International (TI) said Thursday that about half of the 41 signatories to the OECD anti-bribery convention had been doing “little or nothing” to fight growing levels …

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Mexico fires national team coach Miguel Herrera

The Mexican Soccer Federation has sacked national team coach Miguel Herrera after allegations he assaulted a journalist. Herrera, nicknamed “El Piojo” was famous for his energetic sideline persona. Mexican national team soccer coach Miguel Herrera was fired Tuesday amid allegations he punched a TV journalist who had been critical of his performance. The 47-year-old Herrera, …

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Joining forces to meet the challenge of climate change

By James Moran, EU Ambassador in Egypt Climate action day was on 17 June. Voltaire said “Men argue. Nature acts.” When it comes to climate change, now more than ever we need to take a leaf out of nature’s book and act together. The international community is working for a new global climate deal in …

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