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Missing middle: the crises of the middle class in Egyptian society

The word “middle” refers to the centre. It is the point that maintains balance and achieves stability. If the middle point breaks down the whole system will collapse. The middle class is the centre of society, which maintains stability and social peace. Therefore, the aim of any government, especially in the developing countries, would be …

Samar Mahmoud

The greatest act of treason

By Taher El Moataz Bellah 30 June is a day that is regarded by many as the second revolution and the first against the Muslim Brotherhood regime. However, it is useful to remember what has happened to Egyptians since 25 January up till now.  Even though legitimate demands were chanted, they were never transformed into …

Daily News Egypt

Why should the young man move?

In the early days of the revolution, and since then over the last two years, my gaze has often been focused on the young Egyptian who has repeatedly climbed the lamp-posts of Tahrir Square in order to wave a flag in front of the masses. Because I have bad vision, whenever I go to the …

Farid Zahran

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