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5.2% decline in migration approvals in 2017

The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced in its annual bulletin on immigration that the number of people who obtained approval to migrate (legal emigrants) and who acquired the status of emigrant abroad decreased by about 5.2%. The bulletin explained that the number of Egyptian emigrants who obtained approval to migrate reached …

Nihal Samir

Opinion: The year of last chances

All EU states should finally join the plan to tackle the migration crisis, says Jean-Claude Juncker. But his recent speech revealed both his frustration and Merkel’s increasing isolation, writes DW’s Max Hofmann.

Deutsche Welle

Up migration to make the world richer

  By Bjørn Lomborg There is a way to make the poor of this world $500bn better off, but this solution is rarely discussed. This matters, because the international community is gearing up to produce the next set of development goals for 2015-2030, to follow on from the Millennium Development Goals. $2.5tr in development aid, …

Daily News Egypt

Political change in Egypt: A chance for the people, but also for wildlife

By Bradnee Chambers  Political instability brings economic hardship, social upheaval and human suffering in its wake, with sometimes devastating impacts on the environment.  The excessive trapping of migratory birds is an example of history repeating itself as political instability leads to increased damage to nature. Collaborative and workable solutions are needed. Nets to catch birds …

Daily News Egypt

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