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Latest in Tag: militants

Operations in Sinai continue, 13 militants reportedly killed

Operations in Sinai against militancy are ongoing, as the armed forces spokesperson announcing the killing of 13 militants in clashes in North and central Sinai. According to the latest statement from the armed forces spokesperson, released on Wednesday, 18 suspects were arrested, including a number of extremists and others wanted for criminal cases. Military engineers …

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12 alleged militants killed in Al-Arish

Police forces announced killing 12 alleged militants in a shootout in Al-Arish, according to a statement by the Ministry of Interior on Sunday. This came after police officers received information that a group of terrorist elements were using a fenced area close to the Al-Arish police station road as a hideout. Four automatic rifles, sniper …

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Suicide bombing attempt aborted, 4 militants killed during Sinai 2018 operation

On the 17th day of the extensive armed operation Sinai 2018, military spokesperson Tamer El-Refaie announced on Tuesday, that the Egyptian Armed Forces has successfully aborted an attempted suicide attack carried out by terrorist elements, and that four militants wearing explosive belts were also killed during the operation. El-Refaie said that four military personnel have …

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22 militants arrested in North Sinai: military

The Egyptian Armed Forces announced on Wednesday that the Second Field Army had successfully dismantled a “highly dangerous ‘takfiri’ force” in North Sinai. Military spokesperson Tamer El-Refaei provided an update on his official Facebook page detailing the latest on “the law enforcement forces’ efforts to combat terrorism in the past few days,” stating that the …

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Jund al-Islam: New contender to ISIS Sinai militants?

The map of militant groups in Sinai and the unity of Jihadist movements might change after the little-known Al-Qaeda militant group named Jund al-Islam announced it attacked the ISIS affiliated Sinai Province. After four years of fighting with the Egyptian state, Sinai Province has made another enemy, which joins lines of different enemies to the …

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3 Alleged militants arrested in Sinai

The armed forces said on Saturday that they arrested three alleged extremist  amid the ongoing military operations fighting terrorism in the region, military spokesperson Tamer Al-Refaei said in a statement. According to the statement, the military forces of the third field army attacked a den of extremists and destroyed 2 vehicle and 8 motor bikes. …

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