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Army clashed with militants, casualties reported

Tribal sources told Daily News Egypt that a reported five ‚Äúextremists‚ÄĚ were killed as the army raided a den allegedly used by members of the militant group Sinai Province. The sources said the army used helicopters to execute the attack.

Daily News Egypt

Militants carry out deadly car bomb attack in Egypt’s Sinai

Unidentified militants have carried out a car bomb attack on a hotel in north Sinai that is housing election judges. Several people were killed and wounded in the attack, which also involved a gunfight with police At least three policemen were killed and around a dozen people, including some civilians, were wounded in the attack …

Deutsche Welle

Militant football fans are on a roll across Eurasia

Militant football fans are on a roll in the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia. Fans in Turkey and Egypt have defeated legal efforts to criminalise them as terrorists while Malaysian ultras are tackling corruption in and mismanagement of their country’s football association. In Germany, the pitch anticipated the government’s shift in policy towards the …

James Dorsey