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Managing editor Rana Allam

The Islamisation of a culture

For 23 years, Egypt’s cultural scene was in the hands of Farouq Hosny. One can write volumes on the man, rumours mixed with truths until his reputation was completely ruined. What we do know though is that he was a lousy painter; he painted like a six year old and yet he was able to …

Rana Allam

The (not so) curious case of the prime minister and the dirty breasts

“Giant breasts full of milk… I want clouds, damn it!” During a memorable scene from Martin Scorsese’s Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator, Hughes, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, asks Professor Fitz, a meteorologist he has hired during the making of his film, Hell’s Angels, when clouds looking like “giant breasts full of milk” will appear …

Daily News Egypt

EGX continues sideways movement reflecting market uncertainty

The stock exchange’s main indicator, the EGX30, reflected ongoing instability in the market with a shaky day of trading Wednesday. A slight dip started the day, followed by an up-swing that lasted until midday before it closed at 5,668 points, losing 0.38 per cent of its value. The market has been sensitive to contradictory news …

Mohamed Salah

Millions of Egyptians use metro everyday (file photo) Hassan Ibrahim / DNE

Metro chairperson departs

Ali Hussein leaves Metro authority, appointed as adviser for the Ministry of Transportation despite reports claiming he was sacked

Fady Salah

Government considers raising tap water prices in tourist and industrial areas

By Mohamed Salah Abdel Kawy Khalifa, the minister for public utilities, declared during the inauguration of Al-Rawda water plant that the government plans to raise consumer tap water prices, especially in tourist areas and industrial establishments. According to the minister, the increase is necessary in light of the budget deficit suffered by the Holding Company …

Daily News Egypt