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Latest in Tag: Ministry of Antiquities

Ministry of Antiquities uncovers mummification workshop at Saqqara necropolis

Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany uncovered a new discovery south of Cairo dating back more than 2,500 years at the Saqqara necropolis in Memphis, the first capital of ancient Egypt. The discovery included a mummification workshop and has several burial chambers dating to the Saite-Persian Period (664-404 BC), found during excavation work carried out by …

Mohamed Samir

Ministry of Antiquities to restore Hosh al-Pasha archaeological site

Aiming to take a step forward in the Historic Cairo Restoration Project (HCPR), the Ministry of Antiquities announced on Wednesday the commencement of procedures to study the Hosh al-Pasha archaeological site in Al-Imam Al-Shafie district in order to document the severely damaged parts in need of restoration, according to a ministerial press release. Mohamed Abdel …

Mohamed Abdel Megeed

Ministry of Antiquities reveals mysterious 2,600-year-old temple, statues 

Remains of 2,600-year-old mudbrick walls and several artefacts that can be dated to different periods of the ancient Egyptian era, as well as four furnaces from the Late Period, were discovered by an Egyptian excavation mission from the Ministry of Antiquities at Tel El-Pharaeen archaeological site. The find was announced in a Tuesday press statement …

Mohamed Samir

Egypt denies sending antiquities to display at Abu Dhabi’s Louvre 

Ministry of Antiquities denied sending any antiquities to be displayed at Abu Dhabi’s Louvre museum set to open on November 11. This has came after several local media outlets accused the government of secretly sending ancient Egyptian monuments especially after rumours spread that the museum will contain rare relics from Egypt’s different historical eras. In …

Daily News Egypt

Ministry of Antiquities retrieves stolen artifacts from France

The relics were detected on the website of one of Paris’ international auction halls, according to the ministry Egypt received an Ancient Egyptian relic recovered from France Tuesday morning after finding them on one of Paris’ auction houses before the ministry took all the necessary procedures to stop the sale of the relic and withdraw …

Daily News Egypt