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Latest in Tag: Ministry of Interior

Managing editor Rana Allam

Mohamed Ibrahim, an unsolved mystery

Today marks the anniversary of the appointment of Mohamed Ibrahim as Egypt’s Minister of Interior. And so another year begins with the man who survived it all, whose forces killed indiscriminately under his command and proved to all the people of Egypt that the Ministry of Interior is the regime’s tool to oppress; any regime …

Rana Allam

Is the Protest Law a turning point between two eras?

Since 30 June and until now, there has been a struggle between those who have united over the fall of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. They are comprised of the hegemonic state movement and the democratic movement.  This conflict manifests inside the cabinet, as well as different state apparatus, leading to a noticeable state of …

Farid Zahran


In Pictures: Funeral of gunned down police officer

Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Mabrouk Abu Khatab, a senior-ranking Homeland Security officer, was shot dead on Sunday evening in Nasr City near his home. The officer was shot by unknown gunmen near his house on Nagaty Serag Street while heading to his office around 10.30 pm according to the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior. …

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