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Which mobile operator has largest 4G, 3G, 2G coverage?

The four mobile operators—Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat, and We—have all started offering 4G services starting in October. Noteworthy, the number of subscribers of mobile services in Egypt is estimated at 99.1 million. Since 4G services were launched in Egypt, companies have raced to provide the best 4G services, but which company is truly the best in …

Daily News Egypt

SIM card prices after imposing development fee

Mobile operators raised SIM card prices on Friday after imposing EGP 50, as a development fee on lines. The prices of SIM cards after the increase came at EGP 75 for a Telecom Egypt (TE) line, which is the cheapest among the four mobile operators. The price of a TE line is for EGP 15, …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Retailers threaten to sue MNOs over mobile lines selling ban

Egypt’s Communication and Mobile Syndicate (CMS) threatened to sue the three mobile network operators (MNOs)—Vodafone, Etisalat, and Orange—if they do not compensate mobile phone retailers after the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) banned sales of new mobile lines through distributors as of March. The syndicate has granted the three MNOs a grace period until 20 …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Mobile brands fight for buyers in 2018

The competition between smartphone companies in Egypt is strong. While Samsung dominated the largest share of market sales in the past years without real competition, the past two years witnessed the entry of new competitors to the arena. Samsung took a strong hit that affected its market share, as it struggles to maintain its current …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

War of banners rages among mobile manufacturers 

The Egyptian market is one of the promising markets and has many growth opportunities in the field of selling smartphones, supported by the potential of 100 million consumers, of whom less than 50% have 4G-enabled smartphones. Local competition is at its highest between Samsung, which controls the largest market share at over 40%, and Chinese …

Daily News Egypt