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The Egyptian Teddy Bear!

It irks me so much how some of us Egyptians are sometimes very casual in the ways we infringe on other people’s feelings while becoming overly sensitive when it comes back to haunt us. It is what we call Karma. You get what you give, whether bad or good. However, we seem to think of …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Escape from ‘Generica’

There isn’t anything more saddening on the Egyptian political scene than the loss of value that we are being thrust into. Our debates remain at a superficial level never meaning to scratch the surface. Everything around us seems to be generic. I call it “Generica”; a land where everything is topical, every piece of news …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

“Show me the Money…”

The longing for freedom, justice and access to the wealth usurped by its rulers was a major driver behind the popular uprising that toppled former president Mubarak in early 2011. The Guardian’s famed “$70 billion” estimate of Mubarak’s family wealth, as provided by Princeton professor Amaney Jamal, did much to arouse the sensation of a …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

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