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Opinion: Will Monsanto be Bayer's undoing?

Another heavy blow has been dealt to German company Bayer. The firm was ordered by a US court to pay compensation in yet another glyphosate-related case. Bayer needs to act swiftly, say DW’s Henrik Böhme.Bayer just needs a pocket calculator to figure out what's coming it's way. Let's assume that each of the remaining 13,400 …

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Did Monsanto know its weed killer could be deadly to people?

After a gardener was awarded $289 million for cancer he said was a result of exposure to Roundup weed killer, Monsanto still denies the health risks of glyphosate — in everything from kids’ cereal to the air we breathe.It’s been a tough week for agrochemical giant Monsanto and its flagship weed killer, Roundup. In a …

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Bayer CEO defends Monsanto takeover at shareholder gathering

Amid vocal street protests from environmentalists, chief executive Werner Baumann has described the multi-billion-dollar takeover of Monsanto as a perfect fit despite the US chemical giant’s “challenging image.”Interrupted several times by angry shareholders’ calls demanding a stop of the Bayer-Monsanto merger and shouting “you poison our soil,” Bayer’s chief executive acknowledged on Friday that he …

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Bayer ups its cash offer for Monsanto

The German pharmaceutical giant has sweetened its buyout deal for Monsanto, which turned down an earlier offer. Bayer has added three dollars more per share, and it has its cash ready if the massive deal is accepted.

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Indpendent scientists warn over Monsanto pesticide

Two major agencies disagree over whether the world’s most-used pesticide, glyphosate, is safe. As the European Union debates the topic, nearly 100 scientists from around the world have urged it to heed safety warnings. It’s the most commonly used – and perhaps also most controversial – pesticide in the world: glyphosate. Opinion between the European …

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Greenpeace expressed its concern towards the Egyptian government’s “scandal” over its use of genetically modified (GM) crops. The group said the “The Egyptian people are entitled to know” about the crops as they could pose damage to non-GM crops (AFP Photo)

Greenpeace denounces Egypt’s use of GM plantations

Greenpeace voiced their concern over inconsistencies between the findings in a report published by The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) and official statement’s made by the Ministry of Agriculture over their use of GM crops

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