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Fatema Mernissi: Moroccan emblem of Islamic feminism

By Moha Ennaji Morocco just lost the great progressive sociologist Fatema Mernissi, who was one of the cultural and intellectual icons of the country. She spent her entire life defending gender equality, women’s causes, moderate Islam, and the Islamic of mercy, love, and tolerance. She dealt with contemporary issues with scientific rigour, objectivity and boldness, …

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Could Morocco’s megaplant revive dreams of Saharan solar?

In December, the first plant of a gigantic thermal solar power complex on the edge of the Sahara will go online. But this does not fulfill a former dream of exporting such power to Europe – which is still a long way off. Bold plans to use desert sun to supply northern energy needs were …

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Xceed expands to Morocco in French

The company seeks to provide services to their customers in French-speaking countries in Europe such as France, Belgium and Switzerland, as well as Canadian French, which helps the company to compete in global tenders for outsourcing, in which the French language is a key element.

Daily News Egypt

Google launches low-cost smartphone in Africa

Mobile users in six African nations are being targeted by Internet giant Google, which has launched an inexpensive smartphone with them in mind. The Android One program is designed for easy connectivity. Life without a smartphone is unthinkable for many people today. The electronic devices do everything from helping us to plan our day and …

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Morocco: The Champion of Arab Golf

Morocco won the title after topping the rankings at the tournament, coming in first with a total score of 310 strokes, to preserve the title it won last year at the same competition, held in Egypt.

Daily News Egypt

The Arab World’s options

By Marwan Muasher When the Arab awakening began in 2011, its primary goal should have been to advance pluralism and democracy – causes that were neglected in the Arab world’s first, anti-colonial awakening in the 20th century. But, after three years of struggle, the process has only just begun. Will the second Arab awakening finally …

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