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“The country is running several development projects in the Suez Canal, North Siwa, Nubia, New Valley, Nasser Lake and North Coast,” Morsi said. AFP PHOTO/KHALED DESOUKI

Morsi introduces massive national projects

President Mohmed Morsi made a television appearance yesterday with TV host Amr El-Leithy where he discussed new massive national projects, controversy about usury from the proposed IMF loan and average Egyptian’s minimum wage.

Daily News Egypt

On blasting Morsi into space

Egyptians have done it again. After ousting a dictator two years ago, now they are sending their first elected civilian president into space. President Mohamed Morsi is now sitting in first place in Axe’s competition to send one civilian to space, an adventurous soul seeking a new frontier. Voting is required and whoever gets the …

Sara Abou Bakr

Morsi’s fake election

Mohamed Morsi is indeed full of surprises. Ever since Morsi took office, he has never ceased to present us Egyptians with surprising decisions that make us wonder how, why, and for what purpose these decisions were made in the first place. Decisions like calling the dissolved Parliament back to session, applying new taxes which were …

Ziad A. Akl

Are we in a “…….” or just smelling the roses?

This question is often repeated during times of crisis. When a nation finds itself consumed by war or strife, inevitably some will decide to remove themselves from the equation and occupy their time with trivial matters. A number of my friends have asked me this question since I published last week’s article where I attempted …

Farid Zahran

The ‘insult’ of political criticism

By Nick Gjorvad Few would argue against the maxim that freedom of speech is one of the foundational pillars on which democracy rests.  Freedom of speech is widely understood to include speech concerning government officials, which may be critical or even demeaning of an officials’ performance.  While the lines between unfounded slander and legitimate criticism …

Daily News Egypt

Double or quits

By Philip Whitfield You get the best odds when the runners and riders are still in the paddock. So it’s not surprising to get 1,000:1 gambling ante-post on a race without a finish: the 2013 Egyptian General Election. I’ve bet a steak dinner the result won’t be declared this side of Ramadan. I’ve even chosen …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Fallen statues and fighters

Commentaries discuss the recent attacks on statues of famous Egyptians, including writer Taha Hussein and singer Um Kolthoum, and the reported death of an Egyptian citizen killed while fighting the Al-Assad regime in Syria. The ignorance of beards and Jilbabs Mohamed Salmawi Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper Salmawi condemns the recent attacks on the two statues of …

Daily News Egypt

Red hearts on a torched truck

A photo of a torched CSF truck painted with red hearts near Tahrir Square took the virtual world by storm a couple of days ago. It seems some creative soul decided to decorate the recently torched truck with festive hearts, possiby to display his deep and undying love for his beloved amid the rubble. Valentine’s …

Sara Abou Bakr

Review: Commentaries ask: ‘What are Islamists fighting for?’

After Islamists organised a number of protests on Friday calling for the implementation of the Sharia, many writers are asking what their exact definition of “Sharia” is. On another note, some columnists criticise the performance of the “opaque” security apparatus in Egypt.   Who stands against the Sharia? Emad Al-Din Hussein Al-Shorouk newspaper Hussein recalls …

Daily News Egypt