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Who can oppose the Muslim Brotherhood?

Morsy’s administration and the Muslim Brotherhood’s blatant domination, vulgar exclusion of other forces and sheer propaganda will end up facing the Brotherhood militias that were mobilised last Friday.

Ziad A. Akl


In Pictures: Night Clashes in Tahrir Square

  Tahrir square clashes continued on Friday night, between supporters of President Mohamed Morsy and protesters criticizng his 100-day plan. Protesters took to the streets today, Friday, after calls all week by civil and leftist parties and coalitions for demonstrations demanding a new constituent assembly to write the post 25 January constitution as well as accountability of the …

Daily News Egypt

Review: The president under fire

 Columnists find much to criticise in President Mohamed Morsy during the past period. Much concerns lingering thoughts regarding the Cairo Stadium celebration and its alleged shortcomings, while some are a result of his Muslim Brotherhood affiliation. The bulk of it, however, relates to the 100-day plan and its perceived failures, and what many columnists view …

Daily News Egypt

From the other side: The issue of the civil society is a different story

In Mid-March of 2011, 60 civil society organisations submitted a draft law pertaining to the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) under then Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, while Dr Gouda Abdul Khaleq was in charge of the ministry of social solidarity. They waited for a date for a discussion of the new law, which included protecting …

Gamal Eid

Review: Learning politics and dreading the future

Columnists tackled various issues indicative of the nascent and provisional state of Egyptian democracy, as well as the tentative and at times apprehensive attitude the country holds towards the future. They relay fears of both internal and external transformations, and discuss the Egyptian political arena and its struggles to learn the rights and wrongs of …

Daily News Egypt

Morsy attacks non-compliant companies

President Mohamed Morsy targeted five companies yesterday, stating that they owe the government more than EGP 100 billion. Morsy’s lengthy speech commemorating the 39th anniversary of the October war against Israel was turned into a report of sorts on companies’ performance and compliance with contractual agreements with the government. Morsy stated before tens of thousands …

Islam Serour

100 days of Morsy

One hundred days have passed since that afternoon when the official result of the presidential election was out. On that day, it took me 20 minutes to drive from New Cairo to Mohandseen, a trip that usually takes me 90 minutes. The streets of Cairo were as empty as a Friday early morning. After days …

Ziad A. Akl

Displacing Copts from Rafah or from Egypt?

A terrorist group demanded that Christian families leave the North Sinai town of Rafah. The government quickly carried out these orders sending all Christian employees of Rafah to work in Al-Arish and relocating their children to Al-Arish schools. The incident could have ended there, but fate decreed that the story be leaked to political circles. …

Farid Zahran