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High-rise mania overshadows Moscow's suburban dream

In 2012, the territory of Moscow more than doubled with the stroke of a pen. Rapid construction is underway to accommodate the a burgeoning population, putting a strain on the environment and rural communities.Aleksei Zakharinsky shares his modest wooden house just outside the town of Moskovsky with 10 cats. Not long ago, the 51-year-old and …

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Moscow in the dark

There is plenty to do and discover after sunset in Moscow. Be that visiting a circus, a beauty salon, or Moscow’s futuristic-looking Zaryadye Park. The metropolis has much to offer. 

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Smallest 3 countries participating in World Cup

For more than two and a half years, the 2018 World Cup Russia qualifiers have witnessed hundreds of matches that have qualified 32 teams for the international competition. Daily News Egypt sheds light on the smallest three countries in terms of population censuses participating in the most important football event in the world. The smallest …

Daily News Egypt

Moscow hotels 100% booked during World Cup period

Over 1,300 hotels have received the required credentials for the duration of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the head of Moscow’s sports and tourism department, Nikolay Golayev, said. The specifications of these hotels conformed to the standards set by the Moscow Municipality. Gulayev’s statements came during his talk about the status of hotels and …

Daily News Egypt

EgyptAir awaits notification from Russia to start booking Moscow flights

EgyptAir is awaiting notification from Russian authorities on the approved flight schedule that was sent to the Russian side after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to resume flights between Cairo and Moscow in February. A source at the company told Daily News Egypt that as soon as the schedule is approved (three weekly …

Ahmed Saad

Ankara-Moscow pivot: a new era begins

Presidents Erdogan and Putin will be drafting a new joint road map in St. Petersburg. In return for Erdogan’s call for more trade, Putin may ask Ankara to jump start ties with Syria, Aram Duran reports from Istanbul.

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NATO beefs up presence in Eastern Europe

NATO has started a military build-up in Eastern Europe aimed at deterring Russia. The troops pose no threat to Moscow, but they are a reassurance for the Baltic region. DW’s Bernd Riegert reports from Brussels.

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Russia mulls resuming direct flights to Egypt

Russia’s top diplomat has announced Moscow’s intentions to resume flights to Egypt after 2015’s aviation tragedy. Metrojet, the downed aircraft’s operator, was banned from undertaking domestic and international flights.

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A Russian death in Syria

How significant is Russia’s first military death in Syria? Fiona Clark in Moscow takes a look at the polls and finds that support is still strong – but for how long? Vadim Kostenko was buried earlier this week. The 19-year-old’s open casket was carried through the streets of his home town by fellow soldiers to …

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Syria talks to test Iran, Russia’s ‘intentions,’ says Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s FM has said that the Vienna talks will show if Tehran and Moscow are “serious” about a political solution to the Syrian conflict. The statement comes as Russia makes a record number of airstrikes in Syria. Saudi Arabia said Wednesday that international talks in Vienna will test whether Tehran and Moscow are “serious” …

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