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Latest in Tag: mountains

We wanted to know: Which mountains have you climbed?

This week, Euromaxx wanted to know: Which peaks have you scaled?We’ve received tons of pictures from our viewers and their hiking companions in the mountains! We loved the inspiration and say thank you for all your submissions! One of you has now won an exclusive Euromaxx wristwatch. And the lucky winner is: Sambuu Munkhtsetseg from …

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The nature of trekking in the Sinai Mountains

    By Ahmed Shams, PhD Changing weather and long treks “The sun had been shining as if [it was] summertime; it turned hot! We decided to follow Wadi Thabt, Wadi Qasuriya, the Wadi Junction, and Wadi Rimhan instead of Wadi Tarfaa, towards the abandoned building of St. Catherine Natural Protectorate in Rahaba Plain in …

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