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Why AUC needs a new constitution

By Taher El Moataz Bellah The current structure of the student government with its three branches; the student union, the student senate and the student court (previously known as student judicial board) is greatly inspired by the Madisonian design of the US government that is named after the famous James Madison who was the architect …

Daily News Egypt

What are the ingredients and background of the Salafi movement in Egypt?

In the previous article, I covered the first segment of the Islamist movements in Egypt, which was the political Islamist parties, and it centred on the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, I will go into detail regarding the second segment, the religion-based Islamist parties. The religion-based Islamist parties are what we call Salafis. We call them the …

Farid Zahran

Fighting against repression: The labour movement

The downfall of Hosni Mubarak’s was realised in part thanks to Egypt’s labour movement. Despite this pivotal role, under the new regime, the status of workers has not changed much due because of political and economic forces. The new regime seems to be following Mubarak’s footsteps in handling the workers’ activism through security repression and unfair laws. The labour movement is being challenged daily; however workers are refusing to give up.

Sarah El Masry

Egypt: authenticity, Islamists and liberals

Authenticity is a trait that almost all politicians like to claim one way or another. Whether it is an American presidential incumbent speaking of how he stands for real American values versus his opponent or here in Egypt where a liberal may speak of an Islamist’s lack of Egyptian authenticity by reasoning that Islamist ideas …

Mustafa Salama

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