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Controversial Egyptian movie 678 wins several awards

The two international festivals are big in their own categories; the Cordoba festival is one of the biggest, independent African film festivals in Europe, while the Heartland Film Festival features international independent films and since its inception in 1992 has become one of the fastest growing festivals in the US.

Adel Heine

Review: op-ed pages continue to fill up with commentary on offensive movie

As incidents escalate in reaction to the offensive movie about prophet Muhammed, columnists continue to analyse the mounting anger of Egyptians.   Wael Qandil What after invading the US embassy? Al-Shorouk newspaper Recalling the latest chaos that took place within the margins of the US embassy in Cairo in reaction to the US anti-Islam movie, …

Daily News Egypt

Egyptian movie to premiere during Venice Film Festival

The movie tells the story of three people and how their relationships develop against the background of the revolution. Amr plays a computer programmer who does not take part in the protests, Farah portrays his girlfriend, a journalist, and Salah is a State Security officer.

Adel Heine

Glam rock lives…for a week or so

They’ve taken a successful musical, removed all semblance of plot, introduced hunky actors instead of veteran musicians, and still, somehow, impossibly, it’s better than watchable. It’s actually good

Ahmed Khalifa

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