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Bareq challenges monopoly on media production in Egypt

Aiming to defeat centralisation and the monopoly of large production companies over the media industry in Egypt, a number of small media production houses owned by young Egyptian artists have been established over the past few years. Bareq is a new media production company whose main aim is to produce movies and programmes that are …

Rana Khaled

Suicide Squad marks the suicide of superhero movies

  Long gone are the days when Hollywood could produce a decent summer blockbuster that is not a superhero movie or part of a movie franchise. As of 2016, Marvel is the studio that currently dominates this field, with at least two wide releases every year for four years now. Since 2008, when Marvel decided …

Ahmed El Goarany

Learning from Nollywood

Few high quality African movies make it to the world stage and many struggle to find an audience in Africa. At Africa Day at the Berlinale film festival, filmmakers and experts discussed how to change that.

Deutsche Welle

Egyptian actor Nour El-Sherif dies after long struggle with illness

Egyptian veteran actor Nour El-Sherif closed his eyes for the last time yesterday at the age of 69, according to the Middle East News Agency (MENA). “The actor passed away after a long battle with illness,”  actor Sameh El-Serety told MENA. “The funeral will be held Wednesday at Al-Shorta Mosque in 6th of October City.” …

Nada Deyaa’

Omar Sharif passes away with 1 final film to be released

1001 Inventions, a British based non-profit production organisation, announced the release of a new short film in which Sharif participated. The film, which is the actor’s final performance, is a science fiction film featuring the inventions of Muslim scientist Al-Hassan Ibn Al-Haitham.

Amira El-Fekki

Go by OSN: Review

For the first time in the region, the service gives film and TV series lovers access to a variety of media for a monthly subscription of $10 (EGP 72)

Daily News Egypt

New at the movies

If you are staying in town for the long weekend, take advantage of the city being quiet and go and see one of the new releases at the cinema.

Thoraia Abou Bakr