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Distinguished Egyptian musician Michele El-Masry dies at 85

Prominent Egyptian musician and composer Michele El-Masry died on Saturday at the age of 85, after a long battle with illness. The Egyptian legend is one of the biggest musicians to have enriched the musical scene in Egypt, with some of the most successful soundtracks that gained wide success among Egyptians. El-Masry performed with the …

Daily News Egypt


Taksir Sharqi: a band bonded by love and great music

  Coming from the word broken, Taksir Sharqi refers to broken rhythms, says Ahmed Omran the founder and mastermind leading the band. The word truly reflects their music: chains of musical statements interwoven with other harmonious melodies into a whole unlike anything you’ve heard in recent musical creations, a truly enjoyable and elegantly subtle mix …

Daily News Egypt

Melodias Encantadoras Orquesta’s first event at Cairo Opera House

In Cairo Opera House’s main hall, attendees sat mesmerised, listening to music that transcended them all the way to Spain, as Melodias Encantadoras Orquesta performed their first show in Egypt. The Spanish band was established two years ago by pianist Amr Hassan, with the aim of spreading Spanish classical music in Egypt. Spain blends Arab …

Maya Nawar