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Music, architecture, books and film: A 2019 culture preview

Berlinale, Biennial, Bauhaus: If you like culture and you like to travel, 2019 could be your year. A look at Europe’s cultural highlights across the next 12 months.After visiting Madrid's Prado Museum in 1865, French painter Edouard Manet wrote to a friend: "How I missed you here so, and how large your joy would have …

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Distinguished Egyptian musician Michele El-Masry dies at 85

Prominent Egyptian musician and composer Michele El-Masry died on Saturday at the age of 85, after a long battle with illness. The Egyptian legend is one of the biggest musicians to have enriched the musical scene in Egypt, with some of the most successful soundtracks that gained wide success among Egyptians. El-Masry performed with the …

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Taksir Sharqi: a band bonded by love and great music

  Coming from the word broken, Taksir Sharqi refers to broken rhythms, says Ahmed Omran the founder and mastermind leading the band. The word truly reflects their music: chains of musical statements interwoven with other harmonious melodies into a whole unlike anything you’ve heard in recent musical creations, a truly enjoyable and elegantly subtle mix …

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New study aims to improve quality of life for seniors with music

Researchers from Germany and Switzerland have teamed up to investigate the effects of music on the brains of elderly people. DW talked to the research leader about the challenges and possible outcomes of the study.People who play an instrument will often have learned the basics in early childhood, but brain researchers from Hanover and Geneva …

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Crossing borders musically: Dresdner Sinfoniker will not be silenced

Citing security concerns and environmental issues, US authorities have banned a concert along the US-Mexican border. The musical director of the project says this only fuels his ambition to stand up against nationalism.It was intended as a peaceful cross-boundary creative protest against US President Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall on the US-Mexican border. …

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Music raises disease awareness at AIDS gala

A high profile politician, a witty TV host, and nine soloists making waves on the international opera scene: the AIDS gala in Bonn used high art to deliver a serious message on the future of AIDS prevention.Annalisa Stroppa’s coloraturas were spellbinding from the beginning. The Italian mezzo-soprano sang with precision, yet so fast that it …

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A musical tale of when Britain interned German refugees

At the height of World War II, thousands of German and Austrian nationals in the UK were rounded up and sent to internment camps. But at one camp, art helped internees maintain hope and express their refugee experience.When Paul Humpoletz was born on June 21, 1940 in London, his father was sitting behind barbed wire …

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‘Jazz is not just music, it’s an attitude’: Jazzfest Bonn director

In an interview with DW, Peter Materna, the creative director of Jazzfest Bonn, explains why it’s important to reach new audiences and why there’s a growing market for the genre.DW: It’s impossible to write about a jazz musician without dropping at least six other names, people from whom he’d borrowed music or who influenced him. …

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Prince estate blocks new music release on anniversary of pop icon’s death

A year since Prince’s sudden passing from an accidental overdose of painkillers, the music legend’s estate is blocking the release of unpublished tracks. But Prince’s Revolution lives on as former band hits the road.On April 21, the anniversary of Prince’s untimely death, an independent label plans to release a six-track EP of Prince songs titled …

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Ballet music that changed the world

This hour we’ll hear a remarkable period instrument orchestra from France with music from the 20th century: “Jeux” by Claude Debussy and “Le Sacre du Printemps” by Igor Stravinsky. Imagine the production: the legendary Russian dancer Vaclav Nijinsky, the visionary choreographer Sergei Diagilev, sets by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, and music by Debussy. The historical …

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Melodias Encantadoras Orquesta’s first event at Cairo Opera House

In Cairo Opera House’s main hall, attendees sat mesmerised, listening to music that transcended them all the way to Spain, as Melodias Encantadoras Orquesta performed their first show in Egypt. The Spanish band was established two years ago by pianist Amr Hassan, with the aim of spreading Spanish classical music in Egypt. Spain blends Arab …

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