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Muslim Brotherhood reconsiders refusal to participate in Jan 25 demo

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood said Thursday it’s reconsidering its refusal to participate in the demonstration on Jan. 25 titled “the Egyptian Day of Uprising”.. Prominent MB leader Essam El-Erian had earlier told El-Dostor website that the group wouldn’t participate in the demonstration because it was a public call launched through a Facebook group …


Muslim Brotherhood urges Mubarak to dissolve parliament

By Agencies CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood demanded Wednesday that President Hosni Mubark dissolve the newly elected parliament and hold new elections, in a move that appeared to be an attempt to capitalize on the hopes for change sparked by Tunisia’s popular uprising. The Muslim Brotherhood also called for an end to Egypt’s 30-year-old emergency law …


MB member detained among church attack suspects in Alexandria

By Tamim Elyan CAIRO: State security detained 24-year-old Muslim Brotherhood (MB) member Mohamed Ismail on Jan. 5 as part of the investigation in the New Year’s attack on Al-Qeddesine (The Church of the Two Saints), said the MB’s Alexandria office. Ismail, a communications engineer for an industrial company, has been held for a week at the …


Former Brotherhood MP back in parliament by ‘popular demand’

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: After being expelled from the Muslim Brotherhood, Magdy Ashour said he will resume his duties as an independent MP due to pressure from his district, whose constituent demanded that he represent them in parliament. Ashour told Daily News Egypt that he accepted his position as MP to comply with the people’s wishes. …


Brotherhood denies kidnapping candidate prior to runoffs

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) denied accusations that it kidnapped Magdy Ashour, an MB-affiliated parliamentary candidate in Al-Nozha district of Cairo, to prevent him from contesting in the runoff election on Sunday in defiance of the MB decision to boycott it. Saad El-Katatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc, told Daily News …


MB says NDP rigged votes, mulls withdrawing from elections

By Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood accused Tuesday the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) of ballot-rigging during this week’s People’s Assembly (PA) elections, and said it is considering pulling out of the race. In a press conference held just hours before the official election results were announced, head of the MB Mohamed Badie said …


16 Brotherhood members arrested, as group faces escalation in crackdowns

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Sixteen members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested from their homes in Cairo early Thursday morning, according to the group’s lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsoud. The defendants haven’t been officially charged or transferred to the prosecution until press time. “They will probably be charged with joining a banned group as usual,” Abdel …


What chances does the Muslim Brotherhood stand in the upcoming elections?

By Omnia Al Desoukie CAIRO: Unlike some opposition groups in Egypt who are urging a boycott of the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Muslim Brotherhood believe that participating will send a stronger message. Last month, Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie said the group decided to take part in the elections to encourage civic duty on the one hand …


Egypt MB chief warns of anger if election rigged

By AFP CAIRO: Egypt’s opposition Muslim Brotherhood chief on Tuesday warned the government to “beware” of the people’s anger if it rigs the results of a parliamentary poll this month but ruled out violence by his group. “We are at a time that must see a rallying of efforts and all forces safeguarding the national …


Brotherhood supporters in Alexandria say assaulted by police

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Five supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) were attacked by security forces in Alexandria late Monday while hanging posters of MB-affiliated independent candidate Mahmoud Attia, the group said. “A low ranking police officer in uniform held a sword in his right hand and a stick in his left hand and attacked the …


Protests as MB candidates face obstacles registering for PA elections

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members held a demonstration on Thursday at Al-Mansheya square in Alexandria while dozens protested in front of the city’s security directorate, spurred by the prevention of MB-affiliated candidates from submitting their registration papers for the parliamentary elections. “We just want security forces to ease their restrictions on …


MB questions role of gov’t officials as MPs

By Abdel-Rahman Hussein CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has questioned the role of members of parliament and other government officials who are running in the People’s Assembly (PA) election in light of new regulations by the Ministry of Information regarding the television coverage granted to these representatives. Minister of Information Anas El-Fiqqi released a press statement …


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