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N by Natalie invites women to ‘Living City’

Busy schedules require smart fashion decisions. As everyone is running to catch up with their expanding to-do lists, some women choose to depend on trusted pieces of clothes in order to never lose a beat. In a bustling cosmopolitan city such as Cairo, the winning combination of well-fitted pair of denim and versatile white shirt …

Daily News Egypt

Jazzy, N by Natalie localise biggest spring trends

Vibrant, colourful, and outgoing are only a glimpse of what a true spring season should be. With the weather drastically changing overnight, wardrobes were simultaneously changed in a blink of an eye. Heatwave after another, local fashion designers are already racing time to launch their new collections. Homegrown eyewear brand Jazzy is known for its …

Daily News Egypt

N By Natalie: A lifetime with the right top

Along with a charismatic white shirt, she walks into the room nonchalantly. Her collar is straight and her heart is accessorised with a dramatic bow. While the world has caught the digital fever and replaced conversations with chat boxes, her relentless fingers have never ceased to tap at the sight of rich fabrics. Others might …

Nayera Yasser

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