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NASA twin study: Genes change in space

After spending 340 days in space, coming back to Earth feels like having “the flu,” astronaut Scott Kelly said as NASA published results of a study involving Kelly and his twin. It took months for Kelly to recover.Astronaut Scott Kelly experienced many changes during his 340-day stay at the International Space Station (ISS), ranging from …

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NASA: Faraway mini-world Ultima Thule is 'snowman'-shaped

Scientists at NASA have revealed details of the icy minor planet at the edge of the solar system known as Ultima Thule. The New Horizons probe sent back images that show the frosty object is shaped like a snowman.New Horizons scientists on Wednesday released photos of the most distant object ever reached by a space …

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NASA probe performs most distant flyby of spacerock

The NASA spacecraft that studied Pluto will zip past an icy rock in the outer solar system. Scientists hope Ultima Thule will help them understand how planets were formed.A NASA spacecraft buzzed by an icy space rock in the distant reaches of the solar system on Tuesday on a mission to gather clues about how …

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What good is the Juno mission to Jupiter?

After five years and 716 million kilometers, NASA’s Juno spacecraft is just hours from entering Jupiter’s orbit. If the mission succeeds, scientists may learn heaps about the most massive planet in our solar system.

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Bad weather conditions delay US shipment to International Space Station

Bad weather conditions over Florida stopped NASA from launching its Cygnus spacecraft to send supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). The next attempt will be in less than 24 hours from the failed launch. NASA was intending to send its first shipment of critical supplies in almost eight months to the International Space Station …

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NASA spacecraft finds blue sky, frozen water on Pluto

Pluto’s atmosphere appears to be a hazy shade of blue, at least according to data returned from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. The probe also found that there were numerous regions of water ice. Data released from NASA’s New Horizons on Thursday probe showed that the distant dwarf planet has a blue atmospheric haze. The space …

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On blasting Morsi into space

Egyptians have done it again. After ousting a dictator two years ago, now they are sending their first elected civilian president into space. President Mohamed Morsi is now sitting in first place in Axe’s competition to send one civilian to space, an adventurous soul seeking a new frontier. Voting is required and whoever gets the …

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