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In Pictures: Morsi loyalists barricade main roads

AFP- Supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi continued to erect brick barricades along Nasr City’s main street on Sunday as supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi continue to hold a sit in outside Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque demanding his reinstatement. Photos by: AFP /FAYEZ NURELDINE

Daily News Egypt

The isolated tent city of Rabaa

A friend had to go to the police station by the Rabaa Al-Adaweya sit-in for some documents, and there was no escape but to go through the thousands of protesters stationed in front of the Nasr City police station. My friend said: “it is a city of a parallel world”; posters of ousted president Morsi …

Rana Allam

The other Cairo sit-in

Since the results of the presidential elections, many have turned on the generals accusing them of having forfeited the best interests of the state for their own political survival.

Hend Kortam

A Tale Of Two Cairos

Recent reports have thinned the gap of votes between the two candidates to less than a million, with the Muslim Brotherhood putting their candidate in the lead and Ahmed Shafiq slinging accusations of wrongdoing against his opponent

Maryam Ishani

Samira Ibrahim makes Time 100 list

By AFP NEW YORK: Egyptian activist Samira Ibrahim was among this year’s 100 most influential people in the world, according to Time magazine. Time published its annual list Wednesday, showcasing a typically eclectic mix of personalities, ranging from the rich and powerful, like financier Warren Buffett or US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake, to popular …


Court adjourns hearings of 3 presidential hopefuls’ qualification

By Heba Hesham CAIRO: An Administrative Court adjourned Tuesday appeals related to the validity of three presidential nominees’ candidacy to an exceptional session Wednesday morning to submit the required documents. Ultraconservative Islamist hopeful Hazem Salah Abu Ismail filed a lawsuit to oblige the interior ministry to provide documents proving his mother does not hold the US …


Who’s Afraid of Europe’s Human-Rights Court?

By James A. Goldston and Yonko Grozev SOFIA: At a time when the ongoing European debt crisis is fracturing public faith in the continent’s political and economic institutions, one would expect Europe’s leaders to strengthen as many unifying symbols as they can. Instead, they have allowed one of the jewels of post-World War II European integration …


El-Eleimy referred to PA ethics committee for insulting Tantawi

By Heba Hesham CAIRO: Social Democratic Party MP Ziad El-Eleimy was referred to the People’s Assembly ethics committee for using offensive language outside parliament to refer to the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, as well as Salafi preacher Sheikh Mohamed Hassan. The PA’s bureau listened on …


Egypt presidential vote to be early June: source

CAIRO: Egypt’s first presidential election since president Hosni Mubarak was overthrown last year will be held in the first week of June, an official at the judicial committee supervising the vote said. Army leaders who took over from Mubarak in February last year have faced street protests and widespread demands that they hand power to …


Peeling, meeting, and shopping

By Esther Dyson NEW YORK: In mid-December, while trying to understand what was happening in Russia, I checked Twitter and found a tweet that somehow signified everything. It was from a young woman, and it said, in Russian: “Gotta sleep! Tomorrow I go to [face] peeling, then to meeting, and then to shopping.” All three words …


Egypt’s Brotherhood toes fine line on economy

By Una Galani / Reuters Breakingviews The Muslim Brotherhood’s economic platform isn’t likely to be fully implemented, but it offers a good glimpse of the type of policies they will push for in the months to come. Few of the ideas of the movement’s Freedom and Justice Party are new or radical. Furthermore the long-repressed faction …


A Cuban African Odyssey with Egypt’s Jihan El-Tahri

By Myriam Ghattas Jihan El-Tahri is a French Egyptian national who had never screened her films in her own country, Egypt, until recently. This unfortunate oversight was thankfully corrected with her invitation to participate in the Fourth Panorama of the European Film, the lone Cairene film festival of the year that wrapped up at the end …


A world of gray

By Gareth Evans CANBERRA: Václav Havel, the Czech playwright and dissident turned president, and North Korean despot Kim Jong-il might have lived on different planets, for all their common commitment to human dignity, rights, and democracy. When they died just a day apart this month, the contrast was hard for the global commentariat to resist: Prague’s …