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Nour continues hunger strike

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Uncertainty of political scene

  The political climate in Egypt is currently clouded over by extreme uncertainty and justified confusion about political alliances and parties, regardless of their experience or strength in the Egyptian arena. I feel political parties are not serious in their attempts to build a modern Egypt. Even if political parties try to attract influential public …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy

Demolition of former National Democratic Party headquarters

The Cairo Governorate has officially issued the license to destroy the former headquarters of the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP), which ruled under the regime of Hosni Mubarak. According to state media, the building has officially been handed over to the Armed Forces Engineering Authority Saturday to proceed with its demolition. The building was set …

Amira El-Fekki

Has a transfer of power within the 1952 family led to drastic changes?

Power transition within the 1952 family occurs if the regime‚Äôs crisis reaches an impasse and ‚Äúchange‚ÄĚ must take place to overthrow the president and the group or oligarchy surrounding him. This leads to new regime officials appointed and some policy alterations. Perhaps we recall that, at the peak of a crisis leading to a power …

Farid Zahran


In Pictures: Muslim Brotherhood headquarters clashes

By Menna Mourad The Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam was attacked Monday morning and set on fire. Clashes ensued between protesters and the Brotherhood youths, leaving 8 dead and 70 injured. The Brotherhood headquarters was looted in a scene reminiscent of the attack on the National Democratic Party‚Äôs headquarters by protesters that took place on …

Daily News Egypt

The attackers had knives and firearms, and they took documents and video tapes from Nour’s office, before starting a fire. (Photo : Ayman Nour El-Ghad El-Thawra Party's Head) (AFP\Photo)

Nour continues hunger strike

Appealing for the sympathy of the public and attention of the officials, Ayman Nour, leader of El-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party, continues his hunger strike for an eighth day – lying in a hospital room in Tora Mazraa Prison – protesting his temporary detention amid warnings of his appointed physicians and appeals from his wife.

Pakinam Amer

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