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The Afghan Quagmire

 New York –It is impossible to win a war that you cannot define. That seems to be the main lesson to be drawn from Afghanistan, where a so-called victory seems ever more unreachable. It is also the conclusion of several experts on the region, who fear US forces would be mired forever in that unjustly …

Cesar Chelala

Whither the Muslim World’s NATO?

Controversy and uncertainty over the possible appointment of a Pakistani general as commander of a 40-nation, Saudi-led, anti-Iranian military alliance dubbed the Muslim world’s NATO goes to the core of a struggle for Pakistan’s soul as the country reels from a week of stepped up political violence. It also constitutes a defining moment in Saudi …

James Dorsey

NATO beefs up presence in Eastern Europe

NATO has started a military build-up in Eastern Europe aimed at deterring Russia. The troops pose no threat to Moscow, but they are a reassurance for the Baltic region. DW’s Bernd Riegert reports from Brussels.

Deutsche Welle

NATO wishes no conflict with Russia, but will protect members

Ready for dialogue, but showing strength: That’s the strategy for Russia that NATO is expected to confirm at a summit in July. Germany and NATO also want to increase cooperation in fighting human traffickers. Alea iacta est. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has left no doubt about the organization’s plans to boost its presence in …

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‘France to mull invoking NATO collective defense’

France will consider invoking NATO’s collective defense clause, according to security expert Bruno Tertrais. Speaking with DW, he also said that Paris-style attacks could happen in every major Western city. DW: What is your assessment of the Paris attacks, the worst terror attacks in French history? Bruno Tertrais: It does not really come as a …

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Sweden could join NATO if Russia’s aggression persists

Moscow’s bellicose behavior in Ukraine and the Baltic region has triggered a debate about NATO membership in Sweden. While joining the alliance is unlikely anytime soon, Swedes are clearly reassessing their options. The sentiment of traditionally nonaligned Swedes toward applying for NATO membership has undergone a notable shift within the past few years amid worries …

Deutsche Welle

Why Putin is courting Bulgaria

In December, Russian President Vladimir Putin sharply attacked EU and NATO member Bulgaria for supporting Western sanctions against Russia – but now, his tone has noticeably softened. What’s changed? Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s statement in early July sounded almost apologetic: “It’s understandable that President Putin spoke very sharply with regard to Bulgaria. But we …

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Hungary’s flawed fence offers refugees hope

As Hungary continues work on a border fence, its neighbor Serbia is struggling to cope with an influx of refugees. Can a 21-million-euro fence stop these desperate people? Lidija Tomic visited the border to find out. Amid dense shrubs and bushes, the first 150-meter “sample section” of the planned 175-kilometer-long fence has been built on …

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Mullah Omar: An Islamist who fought against two world powers

Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader who fought a protracted war against both Soviet Union and NATO in Afghanistan, has died due to illness. With his death the militant group has lost its most charismatic and unifying figure. Not much is known about one-eyed Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, who fought long wars against the Soviets, …

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Opinion: end of an era

With Mullah Omar’s death, the Taliban have lost a unifying figure. The possibility of another Taliban regime in Afghanistan might be over, but that also puts the ongoing peace talks at risk, says DW’s Florian Weigand. There is no doubt that the death of Mullah Omar has closed a chapter in the recent history of …

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