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Turkey and Syria face off after shooting

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Syria have deteriorated since the Syrian uprising began nearly 17 months ago. Several Syrian civilians and military opposition groups have since taken refuge in neighbouring Turkey

Rana Muhammad Taha

US corpse abuse pictures fuel anger, NATO exit

By Lawrence Bartlett / AFP KABUL: Photographs of US troops abusing corpses, coming on top of a series of outrages this year, are likely to fuel anti-US anger in Afghanistan — and a desire in NATO countries to get out of an unpopular war. Taliban insurgents, as always, seized on the latest scandal — exposed …


US, NATO ready plan to hand off Afghanistan combat

By Anne Gearan and Slobodan Lekic / AP BRUSSELS: The United States and its NATO allies are readying plans to pull away from the front lines in Afghanistan next year as President Barack Obama and fellow leaders try to show that the unpopular war is ending. Top military and diplomatic officials from the US and …


World intervenes in Libya, with unusual speed

By Angela Charlton / AP PARIS: In diplomatic terms, international military action against Libya’s leader went from the brainstorming stage to the shooting-at-tanks stage with stunning speed. Saturday’s launch of military strikes by French, British and US forces with Arab backing and UN mandate was not universally endorsed. And it’s unclear whether it will be fast …


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