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When a former Nazi forced labor camp houses a bowling club

A sausage museum at a former concentration camp? Those plans are now on ice. But can memorial spaces coexist with everyday life? Former barracks in Berlin’s suburbs show how these spaces of remembrance are shared."It's nice and bright on the side looking out onto the garden; we now have new, large windows. That's what we'd …

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St. Petersburgh marks 75 years since Nazi siege of Leningrad

More than a million people died of hunger, cold or disease or were killed during Nazi bombardments of the city. Germany’s foreign minister has pledged €12 million for the siege’s remaining survivors.More than 2,500 soldiers and 80 military units paraded through St. Petersburg's Palace Square on Sunday as the city marked 75 years since the …

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How secret diarists of the Warsaw Ghetto fought against Nazi lies

In her documentary “Who Will Write Our History,” director Roberta Grossman pays homage to the Jewish creators of a secret archive in the Warsaw Ghetto. The film is to be released worldwide on Holocaust Remembrance Day.Roberta Grossman's documentary Who Will Write Our History? is based on a 2007 book with the same title by US …

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Unexpected Nazi-era legacy: Fish tumors

Scientists have found a high rate of tumors in flatfish in the Baltic Sea that could be linked to old munitions. Weaponry dumped in the sea at the end of World War II is leaching chemicals toxic to fish – and people.German researchers have uncovered a 25 percent incidence of tumors among a type of …

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A Story of Courage, Creativity and Survival

In 1939, the relentless Nazi bombardment of Warsaw destroyed the city’s zoo. What the Nazis didn’t know, however, is that what they had destroyed was not an ordinary zoo, but the extraordinary creation of an unusual Christian Polish couple, Jan and Antonina Zabinski. Thanks to them and their son Ryszard’s efforts, approximately 300 Jewish women, …

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Black, yellow or blue: ‘We’re all German!’

What does it really mean to be black in Germany? A multimedia project takes a closer look at a touchy subject and concludes that it’s time to get rid of prejudices and tackle racism. Marie Nejar is a slender, elegant, dynamic 85-year-old lady with a pronounced Hamburg accent. She wears a black dress with a …

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Russian football beauty queen stripped of title for neo-Nazi views

A beauty queen honored as "Miss Charming" by Russia's top football league has lost her title for allegedly supporting neo-Nazism. Racism in Russian football is a key issue ahead of the 2018 World Cup. The woman, Olga Kuzkova, 21, had her title withdrawn earlier this week after anti-racist activists found evidence in social media networks that she was spreading neo-Nazi…

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